Complaint Resolution

Complaint Resolution

Sometimes claims go wrong. No matter how well your systems are designed and managed there will always be customers who feel their expectations have not been met and as a result they express their dissatisfaction.

Complaints happen, we all get them, we have to accept this but what is important is that no matter what we do, complaints will still happen. How we deal with complaints now is under scrutiny more than ever.

In a majority of cases, you and your suppliers will be able to demonstrate a compliant complaint handling procedure but what happens if this is not working? We are experienced in going in to pick up the pieces when an insurance claim has gone wrong.

Whether it is a dispute over liability, the scope of repairs, cause of damage, quality of workmanship or simply a breakdown in communication and trust, we are able to assist with our experienced and qualified staff. We will offer professional unbiased opinions and recommendations. In the case of going further to specify and administer repairs, we are not tied to a contractor network and there are no financial ties to the contractors we use.

If you are unfortunate enough to have had a case referred to the FOS and have been directed to engage another supplier to address a complaint, we would be glad to offer our assistance.