Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing

We don’t just do insurance work, and nor are we restricted only to subsidence. To be able to do what we do, we have to be able to spot a wide variety of other building problems. So, using our experienced staff, we are able to assist with a range of inspections and testing.

Typically, the need for a building inspection or a specific inspection is where there is a problem perceived or properly identified by a building owner and they don’t know what to do next or would like advice about repairs, this might include checking building work you are not happy with or you are considering buying a house and would like to have it surveyed.

Please note the term “Structural Survey” is often incorrect and has been somewhat abused for many years. If you are buying a house you don’t want a structural survey, you need a building survey.

We can undertake building surveys or if the problem is more specific we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

We charge on an hourly rate plus expenses and disbursements.