Surge Cover

Surge Cover

Surge management is a potential headache for any procurement manager. Will there be a surge? What perils are likely to surge? Do our supply chains have capacity? These questions do not just occupy the minds of Insurers but also those of our competitors.

Whether you are an Insurer or a rival adjusting company here is what you are probably thinking -

Maules – aren’t they that small firm that only does subsidence?

Well, yes and no. True we don’t have lots of branch offices but we do cover the whole of the U.K. It is true that our mainstay is subsidence but we can deal with other perils too. We may not work the same way as you but our results are noteworthy in terms of quality and consistency of service and compliance rates against some tight SLA’s and KPI’s.

It could be the case that you are a rival adjuster and you have had to shuffle your existing staff to cover new surge instructions meaning you have day to day claim management headaches – perhaps you need representation for site investigation, damage assessment, scheduling repairs, contract administration or general adjusting. We offer a possible solution, don’t be afraid to ask.

If your suppliers are struggling to meet SLA’s due to a surge and you need to put “feet on the street” we can probably provide additional temporary capacity for you. If you would like to consider us as a back up provider, we invite your enquiry.