Complaints Procedure

Customer Care

We take customer care seriously and will always do our best to resolve any expression of dissatisfaction.

We hope you will not have cause to need to refer to the complaints handling procedure. Very often, frustration and perceived delays are the cause of most complaints but unfortunately, circumstances sometimes dictate that the normal course of events is disrupted.

Complaint Procedure

If you are unhappy or unsure about anything, the first thing to do is speak to the person dealing with your claim. Hopefully, the claim handler will be able to resolve any issues in this way, usually followed up with a letter or e-mail confirming what was discussed and how things are to proceed from there.

If the matter is more complicated, you should write to the claim handler so that your views are properly and fully detailed. You should expect a reply in not more than 7 days.

If this does not result in your satisfaction and you feel you need to make a formal complaint you should then write to our Managing Director setting out fully your complaint and those actions that have so far been taken to resolve the issues. Your formal complaint will be acknowledged upon receipt and the matter investigated. Once your case has been reviewed, our Managing Director will contact you and advise the outcome of his review.

You should note that depending upon the requirements of any agreements we have with your Insurer, any expression of dissatisfaction is deemed to be a complaint and we will formally notify your Insurer of that complaint so that they can monitor the steps we take to resolve any issues. Our complaints procedure does not affect your rights to have any complaint dealt with under the terms of your Insurance policy.

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