Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Where building work is simple in character and has been designed by or on behalf of the Employer, a building contract is used to engage a contractor. There are many forms of building contract but for the most part, a Minor Works Contract is appropriate.

With the Minor Works Contract, a contract administrator is appointed. This might be an architect but it could also be a surveyor or engineer. The role of a contract administrator is to make sure the parties to the contract (the Employer and the contractor) fulfil their obligations to each other. In simple terms, the contractor agrees to build or repair something for a price to an agreed standard and within an agreed time limit and the Employer agrees to pay the contractor.

Sometimes the parties to the contract try to bend the rules to the disadvantage of the other and a building dispute can arise. A contract administrator can often prevent disputes arising. The contract administrator is, in simple terms, a “referee” between the contracting parties.

If you are planning on having work undertaken where a building contract is likely to be used but you don’t have a contract administrator, we are happy to advise.

If you are an Insurer or Warranty Provider, you may have already reached a stage where tenders/estimates are in and you need an independent firm to oversee the work and administer the contract. Please contact us if you think we can help.